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The sculptor of the cross belonged to the Iona School.Close to the settlement is another cemetery, the Kilchoman Military Cemetery, maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Cet article examine la répartition dans l'espace des échantillons d'ossements humains mis au jour sur le site du dépôt coquillier mésolithique de Cnoc Coig à Oronsay, dans les Inner Hebrides, Ecosse.

It’s a very small community and West Highlanders are brilliant.

I walk down to the supermarket and have a chat and walk back home again just like everybody else.’number of titles on her grandson, among them Duke of Cambridge.

The other, represented by two bone groups at Cnoc Coig, is, at this time, restricted to western Scotland.

It is dominated by hand and foot bones and appears to represent purposive behaviour.


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