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Dataset not updating database vb net Sex chat with real people on networking sites

") Return End If Using my Conn = New Sql Connection("Connection String") Using da = New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM studentdetails where student_id= @id", my Conn) Dim table = New Data Table() da.

Update Command = New Sql Command("UPDATE studentdetails SET [email protected]_id,[email protected]_name,[email protected]_branch,[email protected]_class WHERE [email protected]", my Conn) da.

I was reading that for a Data Adapter it requires the Update Command to be specified, or the use of a Command Builder - a Table Adapter can perform the update (if a single table) without these being explicitly provided.

Execute Non Query() if rows Inserted = 1 Then Msg Box("Record inserted") Else Msg Box("Error inserting Record") End If Thanks @Steve.

Since each record in a dataset is represented by a Data Row object, changes to a dataset are accomplished by updating and deleting individual rows.

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I'm new to and having quite a challenge with updating a field in a table using the For... Sample code below - can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

Select Command = select CMD Dim cust CB As Sql Command Builder = New Sql Command Builder(cust DA) cust CB. Quote Suffix = "]" Dim d Row As Data Row Dim d Table As Data Table obj Conn.

Open() Dim cust DS As Data Set = New Data Set cust DA.

Data tables therefore provide special methods for deleting records so this information can be retained.

Note In Windows Forms, the data-binding architecture takes care of sending changes from data-bound controls to the dataset, and you do not have to explicitly update the dataset with your own code.


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