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He worked on the script for 2 years, changing almost everything in the first draft but the film's basic framework.

Comparing the original draft to the final script, Kim said "(What) changed the most was that in my 20s I had a fantasy of love—like I believed if I lived well, then I could meet a beautiful woman.

Beautiful People has been described as an "elite online club, where every member works the door".

Beautiful is the largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful, dedicated to ensuring members find their perfect match.

But years later, when I began the movie, my idea of love changed.

It's not that you trust someone and therefore fall in love, but that you trust someone because you love them." Originally titled "Agency," the first draft made no mention of "Cyrano de Bergerac." Kim had seen the Gérard Depardieu film as a college student, so he allows he may have been unknowingly influenced by it.

Elles ont été choisies dans l'ordre suivant : Yoon A, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyo Yeon, Soo Young, Seo Hyun, Tae Yeon, Jessica puis Sunny, arrivée en dernière car celle-ci n'a pas pu commencer une carrière sous un autre label.

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Produced by Myung Films and distributed by Lotte Entertainment, the film was released on September 16, 2010 and ran for 121 minutes.

Kim Hyun-seok wrote the first draft of the script in his 20s while a student on his military service, eventually forgetting about it as his career progressed.


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