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Nebuchadnezzar/Antiochus numerical values Concerning the Kings mentioned or referred to in the book of Daniel Nebuchadnezzar/ Nabonidus Belshazzar Darius the Mede Persian Kings Porphyry Conclusion Bibliography Daniel Manuscripts found at Qumran Other Manuscripts found at Qumran that refer to Daniel year of Cyrus king of Persia, who together with Darius the Mede conquered the Kingdom of Babylon including the city itself.

He argues that some of the prophecies in Daniel are so congruent to the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the book must have been written during his time (175-164 BC).Because Daniel appears in the LXX and was considered part of the Jewish Canon, some have argued that a late dating does not allow enough time for full acceptance into that canon.In contrast, the Books of the Maccabees, which were written around that time, only appear in some of the Septuagint manuscripts - evidence that there hadn't been enough time to decide on their canonicity.[Introduction: Critics on Daniel] [Placement in Canon] [Jesus Ben Sirach] [Historical Issues] [Linguistic Issues] [Indications of Early Date] [The 4 Kingdoms Issue] [Conclusion] Outside of the Pentateuch, no book of the OT has been subjected to as much scrutiny as the Book of Daniel.The detailed and accurate prophecies contained in that book have motivated many, Skeptic and professed believer alike, to subscribe to the theory of a late date of composition for Daniel in the time of the Maccabees.Introduction Language considerations Hebrew Aramaic Foreign loan Words Akkadian Persian Greek Literary style Early Texts of Daniel LXX Qumran Internal Evidence ram symbolizing the Persian Empire the temple is viewed as desolate at the time of writing 10:2-4 mourning during Passover The 4 Kingdom Prophecy of the Destruction of the Second Temple External Evidence Bel and the Dragon Ezekiels Daniel Book of Esther Ezra 7:1 - Azariah grandfather to Ezra?I Maccabees 2 Esdras Hebrew names of the heroes New Testament references Josephus Other external references Daniels grave Examination of Evidence for a Late Date Placement in the Bible (Ketuvim instead of Neviim) Ben Sira Daniels age 1:1 3 year of Nebuchadnezzars reign Chapter 4 - Nebuchadnezzars madness Chapter 11 Antiochus Ephiphanes?Some modern scholars claim that at c.165BC (or Daniel ) the prophecies no longer match historical events and therefore the book were not written any later than that.Porphyry, however, claimed that all the events described in ff refer to Antiochus Epiphenes 4 and since he rejected predictive prophecy he concluded that this was the point in history when the book was written.A word to begin, relative to the state of the question at hand. Since Driver first wrote, the arguments about Daniel have barely changed (Eccl.In many cases we shall cite an argument originally used by a critic who wrote at the beginning of this century, S. 1:9) - indeed, some of the arguments that Driver later retracted are still in use by some critics.


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