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No more are mothers themselves deemed a necessary part of child development, not when men have become so in touch with their maternal side.Cover Girl has a cover boy, and beauty has never been more femme-male.Heretofore we were relevant, at least in the limited, physical capacity of what our subservient bodies could provide. Sex robots are here, with all the friend benefits a man could dream of. Discarded embryos and aborted fetal tissue are primed for cloning and implantation, eliminating the need for our mitochondria.Men have proclaimed themselves be 100 percent up to snuff in the mother department.For many men, sex is a nice bonus, but it’s not essential.When you introduce a low-cost alternative to women that comes without all the nagging, insecurity and expense, frankly men are going to leap in headfirst.

We knew that society at large would need our bodies, as mothers and whores. Contemporary society has dispatched us with no undue haste. I know we shy away from admitting this fact, but women are extras, accessories, pretty faces, willing targets, overbearing mothers, nags.From Eve’s first bite of that shiny apple to Hillary Clinton’s electoral failure, women have been a detriment to society at large.That’s why Nature experiments more widely with men: the male IQ range is wider, and there is more variation in male behaviour and biology than in women.Men are where experimentation happens, because a wider variety of male aptitudes and preferences will keep women happier and result in a more well-rounded and healthy society.At first she seemed intrigued and amused at the sight of dozens of featureless rubber torsos hanging from hooks, waiting to have nipples painted on before being attached to jointed metal frames; but a moment later, there was an interview with a guy who had journeyed to the shop to help design a mechanized companion that was being made just for him, and Teri’s expression changed.Here was a man, neither creepy nor overtly awkward, and exhibiting no outward sign of disability, stating without shame that he would rather pay ,000 or more for a silicone-and-circuitry simulacrum of a woman than take a real live one out to dinner.Rex is a recluse hailing from the frozen tundra of the north.When he's not busy running his business or preparing for zombies, he can be found in front of the computer, studying everything he can about society's impending collapse so he can hasten its arrival.She wasted no time with subterfuge (I like that about her), her id marching indignantly to the forefront as she huffed, “I don’t know about all this.It seems like they could just replace women with those things.” As you might expect, I failed fantastically in my attempt to stifle the ensuing chuckle.


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