Good sex chat for teens

Research found family sex chats lead to far safer behaviour, with teenagers more likely to practise safe sex.Scientists from North Carolina State University looked at three decades of data on 25,314 teens.Their analysis suggested communication with parents has a positive effect on contraceptive and condom use.The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, found girls do benefit more than boys from these conversations, and it's even more beneficial the mum does the chat. This is a great website that lets you connect with health educators to answer your questions or hear any concerns you have related to sexual health.You can chat online, text in your questions or even call and talk with someone.Sometimes you want other types of resources, including information and message boards.Below is a list of websites and phone numbers for organizations that address many of the topics people talk to us about on chat.

is an organization devoted to creating healthy relationships and providing support and information to those looking for it.

As parents, educators, and volunteers who work with youth, we probably think that today's youth live in a complex world—one that may prove to be more challenging than when we were teenagers.

Teens may be especially confused and misinformed by media-based myths about sexuality and sex role behaviors.

I found Screen Retriever to be a well-rounded program; it does what it claims to do and I didn’t encounter any bugs or problems.

As parents, you might dread the time your kids are old enough for the birds and the bees chat, but the results of this study might encourage you to just do it.


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