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The renaissance of the citizen legislator began with the Tea Party surge of 2010, which brought a mortician, an auctioneer, a gospel singer, and a former NFL lineman to Capitol Hill.

There were also defenders saying things like: “lmfao hardest lope ever….keeping that lope together consistently…..anyone can run across a field cowboy style that’s cake!!!!

Republicans maintained a strong majority in the House, losing only eight seats total and hanging on to most of their 2010 additions—including the mortician and company—who will now play wizened sophomore mentors to a new class of freshmen.

One of the most striking aspects of the 113th Congress is its inexperience: a full 38 percent of House members have served for fewer than three years.

This video is from the Quarter Horse Congress, one of the biggest and best Quarter Horse shows in the world.

There is a flood of negative comments on the video including: “So sad!


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