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Any attempts to fix Illinois' budget woes routinely have been stymied by the political gridlock in Springfield, and there's only so far into the abyss we can fall before we lose grip on the rope we might use to pull ourselves out.Read more Sometimes I feel thoroughly unqualified to be an adult. If recent reports are to be believed, our area could be looking at a danger the likes of which we have never seen before.“It is a true testament to the devotion that customers and industry members have to Janet’s indefatigable charm, tenacity, courage and fortitude.

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Read more It's no secret that our state's in a fiscal pickle right now.

“I think she is just representative of one of the great new booksellers entering the business.

It’s a real honor that she’s been singled out...indie bookstores are coming back across the country.”Avid has been described as being a daring business by those in the book industry—one that exists in an industry that is very supportive of its members. Photo/Shubham Kadam While Geddis attributed the many literacy programs, book clubs and general community involvement in Athens as reasons for the “scrappy start-up’s” nomination, others offered their inputs on why the shop was nationally recognized.“I think it was encouraging for people that someone like me, relatively young compared to many people in the industry and who had no money, was able to put together this store and it do so well. “I have this amazing support system of hundreds and hundreds of independent booksellers, people who have my exact job just in a different town or city.”Geddis also said that in light of the politically-charged state of the nation following the recent election of President Donald Trump, the nomination has been validating on a personal level.“It came at a good time when I think a lot of people are feeling a little bit discouraged about the direction that our country is taking and what role books, free speech and open, civic engagement are going to look like from now on,” Geddis said. Recalling personal memories associated with Avid, including attending author events and participating in the Avid Book Subscription Program with her daughter, Ingle praised the bookshop’s communal roots.“I like Avid for it’s support of local writers, particularly.

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Anti-Defamation League One of the nation's premier civil rights and human relations agencies, the Anti-Defamation League challenges anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects the rights of all people.


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