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Nature's Garden offers multiple online classes in both basic and advanced candle making.

The classes are free and offered in PDF format; click on any of the classes, such as How to Make Chunky Votive and Pillar Candles.

Strangers quickly become friends in the loving atmosphere of a Satsang like environment, as we come to... I will be in SAN FRANCISCO offering PRIVATE SESSIONS, June 7 & 11: Akashic Records Consultation Past Life Regression Love & Life Coaching Astrology Readings To schedule your appointment, email [email protected], call 646-204-4535. Description Enter the world of Love Imagine yourself in a wonderful and luxurious Inn in the wine region of `El Dorado´ in California.

Connect with nature, and with the Love within yourself.

Followers of Jainism take five main vows: ahimsa ("non-violence"), satya ("truth"), asteya ("not stealing"), brahmacharya ("celibacy or chastity"), and aparigraha ("non-attachment").

These principles have impacted Jain culture in many ways, such as leading to a predominantly vegetarian lifestyle that avoids harm to animals and their life cycles.

My healing studio is held by the sacred feminine mountain, Apu Pitusiray.

A few places online offer free or low-cost candle making classes you can take to learn the basics, as well as some more advanced techniques.During a shamanic healing ceremony, your will and intent are the driving forces as we open to the Cosmos within, the subtle fields of the energy body.My main tool to support the healing process is my , or undomesticated energy, into your subtle bodies.Once you register, the URL and login information are emailed to you; the course is offered on a separate database from One Stop Candle.When you've finished the basics course, One Stop Candle also has a number of free sets of instructions you can use to advance your candle making skills.Jains believe that Jainism is an eternal dharma with the Tirthankaras guiding every cycle of the Jain cosmology.The main religious premises of Jainism are ahimsa ("non-violence"), anekantavada ("many-sidedness"), aparigraha ("non-attachment") and asceticism.“When I’m in a space after it’s been cleansed, I feel at peace, joyful, safe, energized, creative, and able to deeply rest.” To read the full article visit, WELL GOODI'm currently living in a small Andean village in the Sacred Valley of Peru called Huaran until the Spring.During this time I am offering remote healing ceremonies from this land beginning on December 15, 2016.“The life force energy of its smoke penetrates deep into the ether and alters the vibration of a space, or living being, by absorbing any heavy, dense energy.”According to Harrsen, everyone’s home can benefit from regular saging, and spring cleaning season is a great time to give it a try.“After smudging, your space will feel light and balanced,” she says.


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